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Feel the power of nature in the Val d’Ultimo

Nature itself offers all you need to recuperate and relax. We have taken nature as our model and applied it to all our wellness and spa services in the Val d'Ultimo. It gives you strength and energy and is a source of relaxation and calm, helping you replenish your energy and look at life afresh.
... and the water in the Val d’Ultimo is particularly beneficial, thanks to its high levels of iron and sulphur.

Val d’UltimoValley of the baths

Ulten was rightly known as the valley of the baths, and at the beginning of the 19th century.

Mitterbad (“Middlebaths”) was the most popular spa in Germany. The local “Doctor of Nature and Spirit” was not interested in medication, he simply sent his patients out into the fresh air. At the time these were called “Dietary, atmospheric and hydrating treatments”. For patients, it meant paddling in water, taking a morning shower under the waterfall, and strolling through the nearby spruce forest. Some very famous guests visited the sanatorium and medicinal baths in the 19th century: Empress Elizabeth and heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand came regularly, and in July 1901 Thomas Mann and his brother Heinrich spent several weeks in Mitterbad.

Hotel Alpenhof

Come and relax in our lovely sauna and
wellness area, enjoy being pampered and
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With our wide range of wellness and beauty treatments in Val d'Ultimo, your body and mind
can achieve inner balance, harmony and repose...

  • Aromatic steam bath – A scented experience
    A relaxing sauna for the skin and respiratory tract
    The aromatic steam bath combines two treatments in one: the healing effects of a steam bath and the benefits of aroma and light therapy! Heat and humidity have a positive effect on both body and mind. Infused with special natural aromas, the aromatic steam bath stimulates circulation, relieves muscle tension and cleanses the skin. The high humidity and soothing fragrances help to relieve pain in the joints and limbs, prevent cardiovascular problems, and improve physical performance.
  • Whirlwanne
    “Whirling” is even more relaxing than a normal bath. Myriad eddies of air and water swirl around your body, relaxing your muscles with their pleasant warmth, improving circulation in the tissues and so helping to relieve pain. This bath produces a very soothing effect on the area being massaged; the jets stimulate your circulation and encourage total relaxation. Jump in, close your eyes, enjoy the gentle massage and escape from the cares of daily life.
Traditional alpine hay baths
Finnish sauna
Emotional shower
  • Infrared sauna
    When used regularly, infrared heat has positive effects on the body and increases well-being. New infrared technology produces very gentle but effective radiation that offers many physical benefits. Deep infrared heat is a great way to improve your vitality. Tap into the power of infrared heat. As your body temperature rises, your blood vessels carry more heat and energy, causing heavy sweating; this helps strengthen the immune system, loosens muscles, relieves back and joint problems, and gently improves the cardiovascular system.
  • Ice fountain
    After a heat treatment, we suggest you cool down under the ice fountain. Let the ice crystals drip gently onto your body, causing a refreshing tingle that is both invigorating and good for your health, as it boosts circulation, strengthens the immune system and also tones the skin.
  • Finnish sauna – Time for mindfulness and rest
    In our busy daily lives we often neglect this special pleasure. Take a break in our Finnish sauna, and forget about your daily concerns. The sauna is good for everyone, it is a place for physical and mental cleansing. You can relax here, and stretch out...
  • Emotional shower – More than just “a simple shower”
    Our emotional shower offers splendid variations on the theme, both massaging the skin and stimulating your system with different water temperatures and mist or rain effects. Your skin is massaged by the solid jet, while the pulse shower devices boost your circulation. So, if you have a quick cold shower between sessions in the sauna, this stimulates your circulation and restores your equilibrium ...

Massages &
treatments for the whole body

All massages promote relaxation, detoxify the tissues and skin and loosen the muscles. You can choose between a classic back massage, an intense massage with herbal balm to relieve tension in the back muscles, or a back, neck and head massage. With our wide range of wellness and beauty treatments, your body and mind can achieve inner balance, harmony and repose.

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Massages Treatments for the whole body


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